Host an XSF Orientation for Your Community.

Completing the form below signifies the intent to serve as a Host Site for an upcoming Spiritual Fathers Orientation led by Man in the Mirror (MIM).

As a Host Site, I understand that I have the responsibility to:

  • Reserve the Host Site room exclusively for this orientation on the date I signify.
  • Provide a Host Site Coordinator to oversee host site tasks with direction from MIM.
  • Organize Host Site Team to help with orientation logistics with instructions from MIM.
  • Invite mature Christian men, in the second half of their life, to participate.


XSF and MIM agrees to:

  • Lead and support the Host Site Team in preparing for the orientation, with local Area Director.

  • Provide Host Site leaders with promotional materials.

  • Lead the Half-day Orientation at the Host Site, facilitated by local Area Director.

  • Provide a subscription process for men who want to become spiritual fathers*
  • Provide ongoing support after the orientation to Host Site and orientation participants.

    *XSF costs $10 a month for all the training, resources, support, and community access. ($150 total)


It is our desire to partner with you to equip men to become Spiritual Fathers through this orientation and ongoing support!

We are committed to helping your team plan and execute the best orientation possible and to ultimately reach the most lives for Christ!