Chuck Stecker - If You Passed Your Baton...Take It Back! Ep #4

Rev. Chuck Stecker is the Executive Director and Founder of A Chosen Generation. He’s an ordained minister of the Gospel with the Evangelical Church Alliance and has earned a Doctorate of Ministry specializing in Christian Leadership. And he is passionate about making sure the encore generation realizes the impact they can still have. 

In today’s conversation, Chuck shares why it’s time to “take the baton back” and embrace the mission that you still have left because it’s never too late to make an impact. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in...

  • Learn more about Chuck Stecker and his family [1:20]
  • The letter my dad wrote me the day I graduated [5:04] 
  • If You Passed Your Baton...Take It Back! [10:10] 
  • The three barriers we have to overcome [17:50] 
  • Reinvigorating the encore generation [27:00] 
  • Cross-generational, Multi-generational, vs intergenerational [34:26]
  • A lightning round with Chuck Stecker [41:40] 

If You Passed Your Baton...Take It Back!

Churches place much of their attention and emphasis on reaching the younger generation but not enough on the generation with the greatest availability. Chuck points out that we’ve confused the baton of engagement with the mantle of leadership. But when a runner passes a baton, they stop running. They immediately get off the track and stay out of the race

Passing the baton signifies that you’re done. But it’s not time to stop—it’s time to refire. Everything in your life has prepared you for this moment of greatness. Chuck isn’t wrong when he says, “This is your time of potential greatest ministry and impact in the kingdom that you’ve ever had.”

The three barriers we have to overcome

Men often tell us that they aren’t connected with a lot of younger men and if they are, they aren’t sure they’d want their input or wisdom. But the younger generation is hungry for older men to speak into their lives. Their hangup is that they don’t think they’re worthy enough. 

So how do you bridge the gap? You have to make yourself available to them. It can be as simple as telling them, “I’m always free for a cup of coffee.” Sometimes it’s just a quick conversation that turns into something more.

Another common roadblock is the thought that “You don’t have the time.” But the truth is, when someone says “I don’t have the time,” something prevents them from making the time. You make time for what you feel is important. It’s usually never a time issue. Instead, they likely feel unqualified or disqualified. 

Making mistakes doesn’t disqualify you from being a Spiritual Father. It can be one of the things that makes a younger man more likely to connect with you. Learning from your mistakes can help save them from making the same ones. 

Cross-generational, vs multi-generational, and inter-generational

What’s the difference between a cross-generational, multi-generational, and intergenerational approach? Why does it matter? 

  • Cross-generational: This typically refers to marketing across cross-generational lines to maintain market share in the next generation. A company that doesn’t do this will lose business. 
  • Multi-generational: A multi-generational approach is taking a center-stage focus (football, baseball, church, etc.). It’s about getting butts in the seat. The goal is to draw people from multiple generations. But sitting next to each other doesn’t build relationships. 
  • Intergenerational: An intergenerational focus is about coming together to do life together so both entities grow together. It’s about bringing all generations together because they need each other. 

Being a Spiritual Father is about taking an intergenerational approach. We have to be engaged in the process and living what we’re telling other people. Are you ready to take back your baton? 

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